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Ordway Signmaking Starter Kit

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Ok, so you just bought a signmaking plotter, great! Now you're ready to make your first sign. So you'll want some vinyl to cut and the right tools to weed your masterpiece. Oh, and you'll need to apply all this to the sign face. Good Luck!  Well, you are in luck because we've got exactly what you need, all in one complete kit. Let me tell you everything that you get.

1 - 16 roll capacity vinyl wall rack
This way your expensive material won't be kicking around on the floor or taking up valuable work space.

4 - 15" x 10yds rolls of High Performance vinyl
1 ea. of Black, White, Red and Blue - This is the vinyl you'll be using on vans, boats and exterior signs.

4 - 15" x 10yds rolls of Intermediate vinyl
1 ea. of Black, White, Red and Blue -
You'll be using a lot of this on banners, temporary and interior signs.

1 - 14" x 100yrds application tape
After you've cut and weeded the your design this medium tack tape is stuck to the vinyl, then you peel off the backing and apply the vinyl to the sign substrate.  You already know all this, but guess what, there's a guy reading this over your shoulder and he doesn't.

1 - Ordway weeding tool
Yes, some sign guys make do without it but man, I'm telling you it's the best lil' friend in my sign kit. It's quick easy and great for popping those pesky air bubbles before the client sees '

1 - Retractable pocket knife
You know not everyone carries one and you've got to have one on site especially when your working on window signs.

1 - 3 pack replacement blades for the pocket knife
I haven't figured how to re-sharpen these.

1 - Ordway weeding tweezers
Have you ever notice how many different types of tweezers there are out there?  Well, these work best for weeding vinyl when your big ol' fingers get in the way.

1 - 1" Rivet brush
This is how the pros get the vinyl to conform to rivets and fixtures on trucks and race cars. Now you'll have one and you'll be a pro!

1 - Lil' Chizler
This is the best darn thing for removing old vinyl, especially from vehicle graphics and acrylic sign faces. You won't be scratching up the surface with the Lil' Chizler.

1 - 4oz. bottle Application fluid
I know some guys who make their own application fluid using some old family recipe, but why? This is the real stuff and you'll end up ordering more... it just plain works best!

1 - 4oz. bottle Adhesive remover
We've all fussed a removing old bumper stickers. With this there's no fuss. The old adhesive is gone and you have a nice clean surface to insure positive vinyl application.

1 - 5" Ordway squeegee
This is the "big boy" squeegee, fewer strokes means fewer bubbles. Wider is better.

That's it!  It's complete and it can be yours.

15" SignMaker's Starter Kit

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